Wahba is a Philosopher, Thinker and strong believer in secularization and enlightenment. Wahba defends the pursuit of philosophy against fundamentalism and extremism. Wahba is an advocate of democratic governance and human development, and a strong believer in international development cooperation, interfaith dialogue and criticizing fundamentalism. Wahba believes secularism is to encourage the masses to use their mind through critical thinking of the Divine Script and that intellectual critical thinking is the only way to liberate the minds and fight the fundamentalists around the world.

Wahba’s Philosophy in ten Statements

1-    “Secularization” is the contrary of “Fundamentalism”.

        Secularization is thinking about everything in relative terms and not as an absolute reality. Whereas Fundamentalism upholds believes in the strict and literal interpretation of the scripture.

2-     Fundamentalism is whoever thinks owns the absolute truth.

3-    Averroes beliefs are dead in the Middle East and adopted in the West. This is what makes the West different and continuously progressing.

4-    Democracy is unattainable without Secularism.

5-    Critical Thinking: is the ability to create new future relationships and being able to change, challenge and criticize the status quo.

6-    Cheating is the highest level of the memory culture.

7-    The world’s development is merciless. Survival of the fittest.

8-    The inherited: was initially a vision for the future and was achieved at its best and remained in the past as it could not cope with the constant change.

9-    Terrorism is the highest level of Fundamentalism.

10- Children are born philosophers.

Major Awards

Ministry of Culture honored Philosopher Dr. Mourad Wahba- The Nile Award.

The Nile Award is an honorary and prestigious award given by the Minister of Culture of Egypt (with the highest voting percentage) to the most recognized figure in the field of Social Science.

Supreme Council of Culture,October 15,2017

“Recognizing an outstanding person: a true Enlightenment Leader and Follower of Averroes” Dr. Mostafa El Feky- Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Award from “Le Mouvement Culturel – Antélias” - Lebanon

For enriching the Cultural Heritage in Lebanon and the Arab World, 2005.

Recognized in

Who’s Who of Intellectuals
Dictionary of International Biography
Book of Honor
International Directory of Distinguished Leaders
500 Personalities of the World
Most Admired Men and Women of the Year 1992/1993
Millennium Hall of Fame 1998
Community Leaders of the World

Conferences Lead by Wahba

  • Philosophical Conference of Afro-Asian “Philosophy and Civilization” March 1987
  • First International Conference in Islamic philosophy “Islam and civilization” November 1979
  • Intellectuals and Social Change in the Arab World: International Symposium- Ain Shams University, December 1979
  • Third International Philosophical Conference: Unity of Knowledge, 1980.
  • Rural Women and Development: International Symposium- Ain Shams University, December 1980
  • Third Euro-Arab Group for Social Research Conference on “Youth, Violence and Religion”, Rome, April 1981.
  • First Regional Euro-Arab Group for Social Research Conference on “Cultural Tolerance”, Cairo, November 1981
  • Fifth Philosophical International Conference: Future of Islamic Civilization, December 1981 (With-held) . 
  • Fifth Conference for the Euro-Arab Group for Social Research: “Cultural Identity”, Cairo , 1983.
  • Fifth International Philosophical Conference: “Philosophy and the man on the Street”,  United Arab League, November 1983. 
  • Seminar: “Religion and Economics”, Cairo, February 1985
  • Seminar: “Education and Enlightenment” Cairo, April 1989
  • Philosophical Conference Afro-Asian “Cultures: Conflicts or Dialogue”, November 1990.
  • Seminar: “Gouta in Modern Egypt”, Egypt, 1990.
  • Afro-Asian Philosophical Seminar: “Cultural and Enlightenment”, Cairo, November 1990.
  • Seminar: Creative Analytical Thinking in Schools, Cairo, October 1991.
  • Seminar: “Creative Leadership”, Cairo, April 1993.
  • Seminar: “Creativity and Children”, Cairo, January 1994.
  • First International Association of Ibn Rushd and Enlightenment:”Creative analytical thinking and world peace”, Cairo, 1996.
  • Third International Conference: “Terrorism and the mind”,  International Association of Ibn Rushd and Enlightenment and Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-up, Abu Dhabi, 2003.
  •  International Association of Ibn Rushd and Enlightenment and Committee for International Cooperation American Philosophical Society: “Is the human brain eligible to become the road to peace in the Middle East?”, Chicago, 2004.