The System in the Philosophy of Bergson

This book tackles the concept of the open system in Bergson’s philosophy for the sake of coping with the challenges coming up in the future. In this sense, Bergson is against the closed system that breeds dogmatism.

Story of Philosophy

The pivotal idea of this book rotates around the dialectical relation between the absolute and the relative through the history of philosophy beginning from Thales up to Sartre

Systeme de Kant

Le but de cette ouvrage est de fournir le system de kant pour affirmer que las destinee de l’homme east d’aspirer a l’absolu et demasquer, en meme temps, l’illusion de cette aspiration.

Youssef Mourad and the Integrative Method

This book deals with the discovery of the Egyptian psychologist Youssef Mourad for his new method regarding the interpretation of human behavior. It is called the integrative method that rotates around the concept of the spiral movement.

Philosophical Dialogues in Moscow

This book is an outcome of dialogues between the author and the Soviet philosophers in Moscow and Leningrad from October 1968 to October 1969 to find out whether the Marxist philosophy is a method or a dogma.

Philosophical and Political Papers

This book is in the form of a number of essays that revolve around a number of problematics concerning philosophical and political issues.

Philosophy in Conferences

This book approaches the recent issues raised in the twentieth century such as the star wars, fundamentalism and secularization, the Arab mind and peaceful coexistence.

Introduction to Enlightenment

This book approaches the recent issues raised in the twentieth century such as the star wars, fundamentalism and secularization, the Arab mind and peaceful coexistence.

Fundamentalism and Secularization

In Fundamentalism and Secularization, Egyptian philosopher Mourad Wahba traces the historical origins of fundamentalism and secularization as ideas and practices in order to theorize their symbiotic relationship, and how it is impacted by global capitalism and, more recently, postmodernism.
This gives voice to an argument from within the Islamic world that is very different to that given platform in the mainstream, showing that fundamentalism does not arise normally and naturally from Islam but is a complex phenomenon linked to modernization and the development of capitalism in dependent countries, that is, tied to imperialism.
Wahba’s central argument concerns the organic relationship between fundamentalism and parasitic capitalism. Wahba is equally critical of religious fundamentalism and global capitalism, which for him are obstructions to secularization and democracy. While the three Abrahamic religions are examined when it comes to fundamentalism, Wahba deconstructs Islamic fundamentalism in particular and in the process reconstructs an Islamic humanism.
Including a new preface by the author and translator, Fundamentalism and Secularism provides invaluable insights into how Middle Eastern philosophies open up new lines of thought in thinking through contemporary crises.

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Dialogue on Averroes

This is a book that was published by the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of its publication of a book entitled Averroes and Rationalism in 1993.

The Philosophy of Creativity

This book is on the author’s definition of creativity being the ability of reason to establish new relations for the sake of changing the status quo through a pro quo vision. Consequently, this book gets rid of the concept of intelligence being a pseudo concept.

Philosophy of Aesthetics

The book highlights the origins and cornerstones of the philosophy of aesthetics beginning from the Greek philosophy up to our age.

Future of Ethics

This book provides a new vision for ethics considering that values are a product of a future vision and not a past one.

Story of Dialectics

This book explains the term “Dialectics” in its Latin origin and what it means with a conclusion that human reason cannot grasp the absolute truth.

The Virus of Backwardness

This book discusses problems that constitute and represent obstacles for nations to develop and reach their development objectives.

Dictionary of Philosophy

The author of this dictionary worked on it for 50 years to be published in its sixth edition. It is the only dictionary that combines Islamic and Western philosophical terminology with selected relevant text.


This book is about a new term coined by the author that is, truthlords that will redesign a new worldview in the years speeding towards us. This term grapples with the illusion of possessing the absolute truth and which is sweeping across the globe. But, it does not sweep alone. It carries with it two new phenomena, which are, the fundamentalists and the terrorists who wish to incinerate the enlightened social systems. Discussions of topics like these are the subject matter of this book.

Paradox of Averroes

As for the title of this book  it means that Averroes is dead in the east and alive in the west owing to the establishment of “Latin Averroism” that led to the Reformation and Enlightenment.

Authority of Reason

The pivotal idea of this book rotates around the authority of reason being the only authority that controls the resolution of the problems whatever they are.

Youssef Mourad as a Philosopher

This book presents Youssef Mourad not as a psychiatrist but as a philosopher. He presented himself in a book that was never published by the name of “Understand Yourself” which is published herein for the first time. Its main idea is that the human being is above the society.

The Path-Thought

This book is the intellectual history of the author since he was young till nighty years of age through facing continuous challenges either in his homeland or abroad.

Quartet of Democracy

This book identifies the four stages that are necessary for establishing democracy: secularization, social contract, enlightenment and liberalism. The book concludes that there is no democracy without secularization at its beginning.

Averroes and His Philosophy  Farah Antoun Introduced by Mourad Wahba

This is a re-published copy of Farah Antoun book called “Averroes and his Philosophy” in 1903. Mourad Wahba highlighted its importance and historical significance highlighting the strained relationship between the secular Farah Antoun and the fundamentalist Rashid Reda as well as Sheikh Mohamed Abdou who was the Egyptian Mufti at that time.

Fundamentalism and its Terror

This book tackles the phenomena of fundamentalism that has been spread in the seventieth of the past century in all religions and its organic relation with parasitic capitalism. They both resulted in two serious phenomena “Blasphemy” and “Killing”. Together they have resulted in “Terrorism” that the world is facing in our age.

Eclipse of Reason

This book addresses that Egypt faced after the January 25, 2011 and June 30, 2013 revolution. This crisis lies in the conflict between the Egyptian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood in absence of the elite.  The eclipse of reason means the shrinking of the authority of reason.

Community Leaders of the   World by American Biographical Institute

Mourad Wahba was recognized in the First Commemorative Issue of Community Leaders of the World that honors individuals who are contributing to better communities in which to live. Community Leaders of the World contains thousands of biographies representing dignified lives and deeds within the USA and at least thirty other major countries. Community Leaders are set apart from their contemporaries by virtue of their achievements in a number of diverse areas. Involvement in important vocations and avocations places responsible individuals in positions of community leadership. Past accomplishments and high ideals for the future determine true “community leaders”. The American Biographical Institute plays an important role in the recognition of men and women who are genuinely enriching the quality of life for all.

Biography of the Year by Historical Preservations of America, Inc. The First Presidential Edition

The First Presidential Edition of Biography of the Year is dedicated to a select group of individuals who have devoted their time, energy and leadership to the expansion of world communities. In this volume the book includes details and illustrates the lives of an exclusive group of men and women from around the world including Mourad Wahba.

Mourad Wahba a Philosopher by Professor Mohamed El Khosht, 2014

This is a series of books that are issued by Cairo University- Center for foreign languages and professional translation- to recognize the efforts of its outstanding professors in the fields of Science and Knowledge.

Mourad Wahba’s Philosophical Project by Professor Ahmed Abdel Halim Attia

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Violence and the Sacred

This book deals with an illustration of the violence and its connection to the sacred as one of the most important phenomena that characterized the last half of the twentieth century and is aware of the extent of the fact that this sacred form of violence and whether the religious message expresses a divine vision that justify violence and accept its mechanisms and repercussions by focusing on the presentation of a sentence of Research is selected for a group of thinkers interested in that issue Religion and economy


This book covers two of Averroes’ works: “The Decisive Treatise on the relation of philosophy and Religion” and “The Exposition of the Methods of Argument concerning the Doctrine of Faith”. In a critical introduction, Professor Wahba deals with the most important problems raised by these two books under the title “Averroes and the issue of Interpretation”.

Research of the first regional conference of the Arab European Group for Social Research

This book sheds light on the issue of the conference of one civilization and multiple cultures, referring to what has been raised in the field of theology, reviewing the most important confrontations from theology to anthropology

Philosophy and Logic

This book is a philosophy school text for the students of the third level of the secondary level of education. It was written by Professor Wahba according to a demand from the Sudanese minister of Education Mohyi El Din Saber, but the book was prohibited from being distributed due to a severe attack led by the Sudanese Moslem Brotherhood.

Egypt Independent- AlMasry Al Youm Newspaper

A monthly article written by Mourad Wahba reflecting different opinions on current events around the world. All Articles could be found in this link